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Horses - video explaining equine therapy for ptsd post traumatic stress disorder and traume

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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

I first came across Equine Therapy when I was working with an autistic child and his family who needed a “boost” and new methodology in his learning to self-regulate his emotions and behaviors.  Since he was an active and tactile learner, I incorporated Equine Therapy into his treatment and I have never looked back.  It’s an amazing approach for children and with couples considering divorce, especially those with trauma histories.


These beautiful creatures can be the BEST co–therapists in the world.  I work with two practitioners, one in Montgomery and one in Great Barrington in the Berkshires.  For those who would like to go away for a weekend and make a retreat of the 90-minute sessions, this is a great option.

equine horse therapy for ptsd post traumatic stress disorder for veterans and trauma patients

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