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photo headshot Liza Bove psychologist clinical social worker

Consulting Services & Training

I consult, train and support clinicians and direct care workers who have been exposed to vicarious trauma.

I assess their facilities/agencies to help decrease the amount of burn out and disability claims occurring from their symptoms.

I advise Primary Medical Practices, Medical and Nursing schools (Physicians & NPs in training, and Administrators ).  I provide knowledge and a best practice framework to MDs and nurses to help optimize the management of patients utilizing or requesting opiates and other narcotics from an ethical, regulatory  and risk management perspective.

I provide graduate schools with teaching and training curriculums to enrich their students’ integrative clinical problem solving and assessment skills.  I advocate for Social Work clinical practices in this era of DISRIP and Collaborative community-based medical/psychiatric practices that require a new level of integrative thinking and problem solving.


Today’s complex world requires rapid – on your feet – thinking and knowing when and how to collaborate with colleagues.  Recognizing what to do when you have risk-based decisions to make on your own without the immediate consult of others is also a vital skill set.  Developing independent, mature and responsible thinkers is my focus at all times.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

    ― Mother Teresa

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