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Teaching, Supervision & Mentoring


I have an inherent love of distilling information for others and an insatiable desire for, and curiosity of, lifelong learning and intellectual engagement. I believe in preparing students for the real world, far beyond acedemic theories. My educational background at Columbia and Yeshiva steeped me in the importance of being a critical thinker, which I insist upon, mentor and instill in all my students.


I have presented  seminars to professionals at my workplace, while also teaching social work graduate students at SUNY Albany.  Ongoing feedback reviews indicate that others perceive me as having abundant knowledge and skill which can be applied seamlessly to direct practice.

photo headshot Liza Bove psychologist clinical social worker

For over 16 years, I have also provided clinical supervision of new and seasoned clinicians,and students.  I focus on helping clinicians expand and hone their skill sets while addressing their areas needing growth and transferential issues that could hold them back when managing their most challenging cases.

Most importantly, I provide insights into a variety of modalities that have shown efficacy with even the most entrenched, chronic and limited clients.  From assessing several thousand patients over the course of nineteen years in theEmergency Department  and outpatient practices, my assessment and risk management skills have been honed.  With this knowledge and experience, I impart a multi-dimensional approach to conducting assessments to my supervisees.

Finally, I believe that assessment and clinical work is a mix of art and science, of passion and academic application.   I help clinicians utilize their skills to create their own unique practitioner’s voice and to build safe and effective clinical environments, while maintaining the high medical standards of professional practice. Ultimately, my job is to give people a foundation of knowledge and wings to help them ascend in their journey to becoming effective healing professionals.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

    ― Mother Teresa

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